Pet Damage, Fixed!

Pets are part of the family—we are pet lovers, too. But they have sharp claws that like to scratch and teeth that love to chew things! Sometimes it’s your carpet that ends up clawed or chewed. Thankfully, we know how to fix that! Common pet damage:
  • Carpet that’s been clawed and scratched near doorways or in corners
  • Seams that have been pulled up or loosened
  • Bare patches that have been rubbed or clawed until bare and bald

How We Repair Pet Damage

There is really only one way to repair ripped, clawed, or bare carpet and that’s by removing the damaged section.
  • Removing the damaged carpet: We completely cut out the section of carpet with the damage and replace it with a piece of donor carpet—ideally a piece of carpet cut from a remnant you, your builder, or previous homeowner has saved for just such situations. Or we can source a piece of carpet from the back of a dark closet, a crawl space, or other inconspicuous area. The goal is to have a piece of donor carpet that most closely matches the carpet it’s going to replace.
  • Inserting replacement carpet: Once we have sourced a piece of donor carpet, it is bonded in using a special carpet epoxy that permanently bonds the edges of the existing carpet to the new piece to produce a near indistinguishable repair.
Repairs like this can save you hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in replacement costs. Our repair technicians are quick and the results are amazing! Have damaged berber carpet that’s unraveling, exposing bare rows, or even bald patches? Learn about our berber carpet repair services. Don’t sweat over clawed, chewed, ripped, or torn carpeting due to pets. We can take almost anything they throw at us and save you big bucks! Customers are amazed when they see our repairs… Call us to come rescue your carpet’s pet damage: (949) 478-2801.