Carpet Re-Stretching: Loose, Wavy, or Rippled Carpet? We Fix That!

There are a number of reasons why some carpets become wavy, wrinkled, rippled, or otherwise loose. Once upon a time they were smooth, brand spanking new, and tight as a drum! So what happens?

Installation Errors

When carpet is installed it is supposed to be doubly stretched from wall-to-wall and attached to tack strips. Industry standards recommend that installers not only use knee kicks to stretch carpet, but that they also ensure maximum stretch using a power stretcher before attachment to the tack strip. Unfortunately, power stretchers are high-end pieces of equipment and not all service providers invest in this equipment—so you could have received a less-than-optimal stretch during installation.

Orange County Carpet Repair and Cleaning has the best of the best when it comes to power stretchers. Re-stretching carpet is one of the most common services we provide…because we do it right!

Carpet Padding Problems

Wall-to-wall carpet that’s not glued to a sub-floor usually has a carpet pad underneath it. The pad helps to provide cushion, insulation, and can maximize the life of your carpet. But padding can degrade over time, loosening the carpet. Cheap padding looks fine for a short-time, but doesn’t retain its thickness and breaks down quickly—again, allowing your carpet to look loose and wavy.

Orange County Carpet Repair pros un-tack your carpet, pull it back and replace your padding with high quality padding. Then we re-stretch your carpet using knee kicks to get it into place and finish with a power-stretcher so it looks tight as a drum once again.

Extremes of Heat or Cold

Carpeting that is subjected to either heat or cold extremes can also become loose and wavy looking. Under extreme temperature conditions the components in your carpet literally loosen. We say your carpet “relaxes,” but not in a good way! Knowing why this happens can ensure you avoid these situations and are able to squeeze as much life as possible out of your nice carpets. A good example are the many customers who have admittedly locked up their residences, turned off their A/C and heating units, and gone out of town on vacation for a week or two — or even more.  While they are gone, there’s a heat wave or an unusual cold snap – to the detriment of their nice carpeting! Tip: if you’re going to be away, set your thermostat to automatically cool or heat if there are extremes of temperature.

Is your carpet looking loose or wavy? Give us a call today and let us schedule an appointment to fix it: (949) 478-2801. We can help you maximize the life of your carpet!