Pet Damage Carpet Repair

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Did your cat or dog tear your carpet up? Our team can fix it! Our carpet care experts can repair what your pet damaged. Whether your pet chewed up, scratched, or peed on your carpet (or worse!)…we are just the team you need to fix it. We have the experience and the tools necessary to get the job done right. You can spend hundreds of dollars to replace the whole carpet or you can get a professional to fix it for you so you don’t have to go through the hassle yourself. Our pet damage repair services are affordable and we guarantee our workmanship.

Pet Damaged Your Carpet? We Can Fix It!

No matter how many toys we buy for our pets, they always seem to want to chew or scratch something else. Unfortunately, sometimes that means our carpets. Thankfully, our team of experts can seamlessly repair damage caused by pets.

In addition to fixing your carpet, we can also perform a professional carpet cleaning so your carpet ends up looking brand new! We use non-toxic cleaning techniques (to protect your family and your pets). We can fix pet damaged carpet throughout Orange County including: Tustin, North Tustin, Costa Mesa, Garden Grove, Irvine, Orange, Santa Ana and beyond. We are just a phone call away. Get your free quote today!

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How to Repair Carpet Damage by Pets: Our Process

You don’t have to live with stained or ripped up carpets anymore! With just one phone call, our team of experts will come out and assess the damage so we can create a plan for repair. The process takes about one day depending on the extent of damage, but once complete you’ll never know there was any type of pet issue in the first place! Add on a carpet cleaning service and your carpets will be looking brand new.


The carpet repairman will start by identifying the damage. We’ll figure out the best method to handle carpet repair once we’ve discovered the trouble spots.


Our carpet repair man gets started working on carpet patching, carpet stitching, carpet dyeing, etc.


We will have you come in to inspect the carpet before we continue any further.


Once you are happy with the repair done on your carpet, our carpet repair man will continue with a carpet cleaning if it has been requested.

Pet Damage Carpet Repair Cost

Restoring your carpet from pet damage varies in cost. If you send us a photo of the damage, we can get you an estimate right away. What we can tell you is that we are one of the most affordable pet damage repair services in Orange County. Our pet damage carpet repair professionals have been fixing carpets in Orange County for years so you can trust us to do the job right!

Dog or Cat Damaged Your Carpet? We Can Help!

If your pets have damaged the carpet, you are probably wondering if there is anything that can be done to fix it. We understand how important it is to keep your home looking great and we know that pets can turn your carpet into a disaster that isn’t pleasant to look at. Pets love to chew on rugs and furniture, not to mention urinate on them. Destruction plus the urine stains make people want to replace their carpets entirely. But we are here to show you a better (more affordable) way! Our team can take care of repairs as well as any stains or odors left in the fibers so you can rest easy knowing that this problem is solved. 

We have been in business for years so we have just about seen it all. However, our pets never cease to surprise us. Dog chewed hole in carpet? Cat scratched carpet?  We can repair it! Whatever disaster your carpet has endured we can fix it. Contact us today and in no time at all, your carpets will look like new again!


How to repair carpet damage by pets?

When it comes to repairing your carpet from pet damage, things can get complicated. If you want to guarantee a repair is done seamlessly, hire a professional like the ones at OC Carpet Repair and Cleaning. You can contact us at (949) 478-2801 for pet damage carpet repair, pet odor removal or cat scratch carpet repair services.

How to fix pet damaged carpet?

Thankfully, it takes more than pet urine to ruin your carpet. Even if your pet’s nails cause frayed fibers which over time start to unravel and get worse, there is still hope. Our team knows just how to repair your carpet from all types of pet damage so you won’t even notice it happened.

How to fix a hole in the carpet from a dog?

If your dog has chewed a hole in your carpet then you have a few different options. However, if you want things done right the first time you should call a professional carpet repair company like OC Carpet Cleaning & Repair.

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