Don’t Replace it—Repair it!

 Carpet damage is often confined to just a few square feet of your carpet—not a whole room. So why would you follow the advice of others who urge you to replace it? Replacing your carpet—residential or commercial—can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, even in a small space. Our repair services make that expense unnecessary. Orange County Carpet Repair technicians can provide near surgical repair for most common carpet damage, including but not limited to:

  • Stains from bleach, blood, food or red wine
  • Loose, wavy, or rippled carpet
  • Ripped or torn carpet from high-heeled shoes, athletic cleats, heavy furniture or from pet damage
  • Snagged berber carpet
  • Commercial carpet damage from heavy equipment, spills, rips and tears from high volume foot traffic, and broken or missing rubber reducers

It’s almost a sure bet that at some point in your carpet’s lifetime, there will be damage. Even normal daily wear can damage carpets.

How We Repair Carpet

Depending on the type of damage and where it is on your carpet we have a few different repair techniques, for example:

  • Surgical reweaving of carpet fibers, most common for single strand berber carpet that has unraveled and when fibers are still intact.
  • Replacement with a permanent section, most common for rips, tears, chewed or clawed carpet, tough stains, and bare sections. Permanent sections can be sourced from a remnant you may have saved or from a dark, inconspicuous corner of a closet.

Residential Carpet Repairs

We can be in and out of your home in a relatively short period of time with repairs looking nearly undetectable. Call us as soon as you notice damage—we can minimize the damage and help lengthen your carpet’s life.

Commercial Carpet Repairs

We work with your schedule and are able to provide services during off-peak hours. We can be in and out of your facility often within an hour or two depending on the extent of damage. We cannot urge you enough to reach out to us for damaged carpet so you minimize chances for lawsuits due to trips and falls and other dangers the damage can bring.

We are experts at carpet repair, saving our customers big bucks! Call us for residential or commercial repairs. Call (949) 478-2801.