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We are a locally owned and operated family business that specializes in carpet repair and cleaning. Complete customer satisfaction is our goal at Orange County Carpet Repair!

We specialize in repairing and restoring carpet to its original beauty when damaged by water, pets, burns, ripples and waves.

Carpet Repair Cost

By following the steps above, we can carry out repairs that will help you save money, and help to extend the life of your carpet. The cost of carpet repair varies greatly depending on the extent of the damage. We are able to give you free quotes so you know what to expect before we start the job. Call our team today to get started.

Want to Repair Carpet Without Replacing? We Can Help!

No need to replace your carpet, let our team repair it! We have been doing this for years and have just about seen it all. We have experience repairing carpet burns, torn carpet, pet stains, damage caused by pets, and more. When carpeting is torn, loose carpet fibers may be pulled up and edges can become frayed. We can repair carpet edging, holes, seams, and other damage to give it a whole new life! Some of our common repairs include:

How to Carpet Repair: Our Process


The carpet repairman will start by identifying the damage. We’ll figure out the best method to handle carpet repair once we’ve discovered the trouble spots.


Our carpet repair man gets started working on carpet patching, carpet stitching, carpet dyeing, etc.


We will have you come in to inspect the carpet before we continue any further.


Once you are happy with the repair done on your carpet, our carpet repair man will continue with a carpet cleaning if it has been requested.

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Can you repair carpet without replacing?

Absolutely! We have been repairing carpet for years and know how to fix carpet problems with carpet patching, carpet stretching, carpet dyeing, and more. We can also spot clean the carpet to remove stains from pets or other accidents.

Can you repair carpet burn?

Carpet burns are no match against our team. We can do a patch replacement that will be virtually undetectable and blend perfectly with unaffected areas.


Can you repair carpet binding?

Carpet binding can be repaired and the carpet stretched if needed. Vsit our carpet stretching page for more information and call us for a free quote to get started today.



Can you spot repair carpet?

Yes! Our carpet repair experts can seamlessly patch your carpet no matter the damage.




How to fix carpet without replacing it?

Replacing carpet is expensive. Thanks to our team, you have another option. We are experienced in many repairs and are happy to give you a free quote. Call our team today.



How to repair carpet in doorway?

Carpet damage in the doorway is one of our most common repairs. Whether you’d like carpet repair in the doorway or carpet stretching, we are happy to help.


How to repair carpet edge?

Carpet edging can easily get damaged. Our team is here to repair it so you don’t have to replace it!


How to repair carpet from cat scratches?

Cats just love to scratch and when they scratch and ruin your carpet you may think you have no other option other than to replace the carpet. But our team can repair your carpet so it looks brand new!

How much does carpet repair cost?

The cost for carpet repair varies depending on the damage. If you feel your carpet needs carpet repair, do not hesitate to contact us today! We offer carpet repair in Orange County at affordable rates.

Is it cheaper to repair or replace carpet?

The price difference between replacing and repairing is huge! It is cheaper to repair your carpet than replace it. You may think replacement is your only option. However, when carpet is repaired, it looks virtually the same as a brand new carpet and our carpet repair team is here to help make miracles happen.

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