Tough, Beautiful Berber: Repairs for Snags and Bare Spots


We love berber carpet. Why? Because it’s one of the most durable and hearty carpets on the market—perfect for both residential and commercial use. And it comes in all kinds of colors and patterns. The trouble with berber is that if it snags, it can quickly unravel, leaving you with long rows of bare carpet backing. Pet claws, high-heeled shoes, athletic cleats, vacuum cleaners, and more can get caught on berber yarn and cause snags and bare spots.

See, berber carpet is woven on a big loom using long rows of a single strand of carpet fiber. You might imagine that a snagged piece of carpet yarn might unravel as easily as a hand-knit sweater!

How We Repair Berber Carpet Damage

We have spent a great deal of time refining our repair techniques for berber carpet damage. Residential or commercial, we are skilled with providing near surgical fixes.

For long rows of missing fiber we can literally weave back in fiber that closely matches that of your carpet, including solids and patterns!

For patches of missing yarn we can also cut out the damage and replace it with a permanent section – a piece of carpet sourced from a remnant either you or we have on hand or even from the back of an out of the way closet or crawl space. We epoxy in the section so edges are permanently bonded and the repair is nearly seamless.

Fix snagged berber carpet as soon as it happens or risk a bald carpet! Our berber repairs have helped our customers save hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars that they might have spent on replacing all their carpet. Call us and schedule repair for your berber damage: (949) 478-2801.- don’t replace it, let us repair it!