Berber Carpet Repair

We Repair Berber Carpets in Orange County

Are you looking for berber carpet repair? Berber carpet repairs can be difficult and time consuming. Luckily, we know how to do it quickly without sacrificing the quality of our work. So if you need a quick fix, give us a call today! We can fix your damaged berber carpet throughout Orange County including:Tustin, North Tustin, Costa Mesa, Garden Grove, Irvine, Orange, Santa Ana and beyond.
No matter where your carpet is damaged, we can fix it. We will do an inspection and provide a free estimate for our work. If you have any questions about berber carpets or our services, feel free to ask us anything by giving us a call.

Fast & Reliable Berber Carpet Repair in Orange County

We strive to make our berber carpet repair service as fast and reliable as possible. When you have berber carpet damage, hire our team so you are guaranteed a seamless and professional job. We love this type of carpet because of its functionality and durability. In fact, it is so durable it can usually stand up to regular foot traffic with no problems. However, when you do have a snag that needs fixing, you can’t just call your average carpet repair man. Fixing berber carpet damage is the job of a specialist. That’s where we come in! 

Regardless of whether you need repairs or restretching or reconditioning, you can trust us to take care of your carpets in a way that not only makes them look great but also lasts for a long time. Not only do we perform repairs, but we also perform carpet cleaning so we can leave your flooring in perfect condition.

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How to Fix Berber Carpets: Our Process

Berber carpet is a type of carpet that uses loops for creating different patterns. The berber pile can unravel if it gets caught on something very sharp – like a pin or piece of glass. Repairing berber carpets involves pulling the loops that are coming out back into place, then tying them securely with strong special thread. Our repair process starts with inspecting the damage that has been done to your berber rug. Then we remove the strings that have been undone. We will tie all of those loose berber loops back together using a carpet needle and berber threading, making sure that they are tied as tightly as possible. That’s an important step because it prevents any further damage from occurring to your rug. After that we reweave the carpet. Once we make sure everything is secure,  we will smooth the face to make sure that it’s nice and flat so your carpet looks like new again and prior damage is undetectable.

Berber Carpet Repair Cost

The cost of berber carpet repair varies depending on how damaged it is. You can rest assured, we know the market and are one of the most affordable places in town that still maintains integrity in their work. The weave of berber carpet is composed of loops which are pulled over one another to create the pattern. There are many different brands and styles of berber rugs for sale today, so how we repair your carpet will depend on the type you have. Fortunately, most berbers have similar shaggy piles, so repairing any style shouldn’t be a problem for our team.

Affordable Berber Carpet Damage Repair

We understand you’re on a budget, and we do everything possible to deliver high-quality work at an unbeatable price. Our berber carpet repair services are fairly priced, so you don’t have to break the bank to get your flooring repaired. As carpet care professionals, we take special care in our repairs, which means that it can last for years after being fixed. We can usually reweave any damaged sections or holes if they are smaller than 10 square inches, but larger patches or damaged areas may require a patch replacement or complete repair instead. If you are looking for a free quote, give our team a call today. Here are some of the most common repairs we perform:

  • Repair Torn Berber Carpet

  • Repair Berber Carpet Seams

  • Repair Berber Carpet Pulls

  • Repair Berber Carpet Snag

  • Repair Berber Carpet Patch


Can you repair berber carpet?

Yes, berber carpet repair is something that we have been doing for years. We are able to restitch unraveling carpet so it looks new again.


How to repair torn berber carpet?

The berber carpet repair process is simple. We remove the damaged berber, restitch it and reinstall it. The process usually takes less than an hour!



Can berber carpet seams be repaired?

Yes they can be repaired, but depending on how long the seam has been torn or if there are frays in the berber, the process will look a little different.

How to repair berber carpet pulls?

Slight pulls can be repaired by removing the pulled berber and restitching a new piece of berber over it. This is a very seamless process, unless the berber threads have been frayed or there are multiple pulls. Our team can take a look at the damage and let you know what the best, most affordable plan of action is.



How to repair berber carpet snag?

If the berber carpet has snagged, it can be re-weaved using a berber loom. This is the best solution for berber carpets with lots of snags, because with this tool our team can get rid of them quickly and easily.

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