Anaheim Carpet Repair

This business got themselves in a sticky situation with this glue down carpet. Check out these before and after pictures. Needless to say, they were thrilled with the results. We offer carpet repair and carpet cleaning services. Call us today for  a free phone estimate (949)478-2801. 

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Tustin Carpet Repair

Our highly skilled technician was able to remove the ripples from this carpet by stretching . We use a power stretcher to stretch the room North to South and East to West, cut off any excess, re-tack, and re-tuck and guarantee our work for 3 years (as long as it was furniture free when we […]

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Chino Carpet Repair

A tenant in Chino called us for a pet damage repair. Her bunny had damaged some carpet. Our carpet specialist was able to repair the damaged area by using a remnant. There is no carpet damage that we can’t repair.

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Costa Mesa Carpet Installation

This is a berber carpet installation on a landing of the stairs. With carpet installation it’s better to use carpet professionals to make sure the job is done right. Give us a call at (949)478-2801, for a free phone estimate.

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Portola Hills Carpet Repair

A client in Portola Hills gave us a call about having make up stains on the carpet. In order to repair the carpet our specialist had to do a patch. He did an  amazing pattern match on the patch.

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Placentia Carpet Repair

The before picture is a pet damage repair gone wrong. The after picture is the pet damage repair done by a OCCR professional. Our work speaks for itself. There is no carpet repair too big or too small that we can’t handle.

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Yorba Linda Carpet Repair

Customer had some flood damage so they lifted the carpet and threw away the padding underneath. After the carpet and area were dry our specialist went out and installed tack-strip, padding, stretched the carpet and re-seamed it. Good as new!

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Villa Park Carpet Repair

This is a pet damage repair done in Villa Park where the carpet and tile flooring meet. Our specialist had to do a carpet patch using a remnant. For this kind of damage you don’t want to wait too long to have it repaired. Pets tend to go back and make the damaged area worst.

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Garden Grove Carpet Repair

If your carpet has bumps, get rid of them by having it stretched by OCCR. Our specialist is a professional and will restore your carpet to its former glory. He uses a powerful tool called a power stretcher to properly stretch the carpet.

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Fullerton Carpet Repair

This client in Fullerton added a closet and needed it to be carpeted. Our carpet specialist had to install tack-strip, padding and do a patch using a remnant. The repair is seamless, can’t even tell it was a carpet patch.

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