Fullerton Carpet Repair

This is a carpet repair done in Fullerton where the roots grew into house. Our carpet specialist had to install new tack-strip and stretch the carpet.

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Fullerton Carpet Repair

Went to Fullerton to do a carpet repair. This clients carpet was pulling from the tile and as a result they were stepping on the tack-strip. To repair this area we had to stretch the entire room. It is once again pretty and safe.

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Fullerton Carpet Stretching

Improper stretching can cause ripples to reappear,  that is why we guarantee our work for three years. Call us today at 949-478-2801.

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Fullerton Carpet Stretch

To maintain your carpet and have it last longer it needs to be properly stretched.  To properly stretch the carpet we use a power stretcher to get out all of the bumps and ripples that will wear out your carpet faster. When properly stretched, the carpet will last much longer. If you need your carpet stretched give […]

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Fullerton Carpet Install

When your carpet has seen it’s final days and you decide that you want/need new carpet, give Orange County Carpet Repair a call. Our professionals install quickly and easily while at the same time we guarantee our work for at least three years!


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Flood Damage Repair in Fullerton

Orange County Carpet Repair went and did a Flood Damage Repair in Fullerton. While the customer was away, the toilet overflowed downstairs. We went out and put in a coat of Killz for odor control, new tack-strip and pad, and re-installed their carpet. After a difficult situation, they were happy they called Orange County Carpet […]

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