Anaheim Carpet Repair

Our tech went out to stretch some carpet in Anaheim. He then had to clean the wear pattern marks left behind and the stains. Carpet looks like new again.

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Anaheim Carpet Repair

There are many reasons why carpet can ripple, like poor installation, humidity, missing tack-strip, or age. No matter what the reason is call the experts at OCCR to stretch your carpet. You won’t be disappointed with the results.

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Anaheim Carpet Repair

Customer purchased a new house in Anaheim, and noticed that it had major ripples. It was not easy to stretch where four rooms come together, but we put our mad skills to work and this is the end result.
Check out our reviews at YELP.

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Anaheim Carpet Stretching

Carpet ripples are unattractive and can become a hazard, call us today at 949-478-2801 to set up an appointment to have your carpet stretched. Read what this client had to say after stretching several rooms at her Anaheim home.

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Anaheim Carpet to Tile Tuck

When damage is done to the seam between tile and carpet it looks bad but Orange County Carpet Repair can come and fix the damage for you as soon as possible. We really value our customers and we want you to know that we understand how hard it is to have damaged carpet, which is why, […]

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Anaheim Carpet Stretch

Orange County Carpet Repair went out and did a Anaheim Carpet Stretch. Our customers had carpet installed about 5 years ago. Shortly thereafter, their carpet started to ripple. They eventually got so tired of looking at it and tripping over it, that they “had to do something about it!” They called the experts (we use […]

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