Laguna Beach Carpet Repair

This is a pet damage repair done in Laguna Beach. Pet dug up the carpet and chewed through the carpet and pad leaving the tack-strip exposed. Our tech added padding, cut out the damaged carpet and replaced it with a remnant.

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Laguna Beach Carpet Repair

Wool carpet is difficult to repair, that is why husband’s should not place the copier on it. Yet sometimes they do and that’s when OCCR comes to the rescue! She was very happy with the results.

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Laguna Beach Doorway Repair

Sometimes in homes, animals dig in the connecting seam between a doorway and the carpet. If left untreated it can permanently damage your carpet, but when you call Orange County Carpet Repair we can be there quickly to help repair your carpet. Pet Damage can be frustrating and hard to handle but if you have […]

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Laguna Beach Berber Carpet Repair

Orange County Carpet Repair went and did a Laguna Beach Berber Carpet Repair. The rental home tenants had what they were not supposed to have – pets! Luckily for the tenants, Orange County Carpet Repair came out and did an outstanding repair. Berber carpet can be so difficult to repair, that many repair companies won’t even take […]

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