Santa Ana Carpet Stretching

Carpet can ripple in several spots or in just one, like in the Santa Ana Stretch job. One ripple is no better than several, damage wise, no matter the number of ripples it will still permanently damage your carpet. Orange County Carpet Repair are experts at fixing ripples. Call us today at (909) 436-6080!


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Santa Ana Carpet Stretching

Carpet Re-Stretching: Loose, Wavy, or Rippled Carpet? We Fix That! There are a number of reasons why some carpets become wavy, wrinkled, rippled, or otherwise loose. Once upon a time they were smooth, brand spanking new, and tight as a drum! When carpet overheats it gets ripples, if you have ripples that need stretching call Orange […]

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Santa Ana Carpet Stretch

Carpeting that is subjected to either heat or cold extremes can also become loose and wavy looking. Under extreme temperature conditions the components in your carpet literally loosen. A good example are the many customers who have admittedly locked up their residences, turned off their A/C and heating units, and gone out of town on vacation for […]

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