Portola Hills Carpet Repair

A client in Portola Hills gave us a call about having make up stains on the carpet. In order to repair the carpet our specialist had to do a patch. He did an  amazing pattern match on the patch.

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Fullerton Carpet Repair

This client in Fullerton added a closet and needed it to be carpeted. Our carpet specialist had to install tack-strip, padding and do a patch using a remnant. The repair is seamless, can’t even tell it was a carpet patch.

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Costa Mesa Carpet Repair

Client moved a wall and needed OCCR to do a 10′ patch. In order to do that we installed tack-strip, padding, stretched and tucked the carpet. Ten foot carpet patch is done and it’s seamless.

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Ladera Ranch Carpet Repair

We repair, repairs! No matter what your carpet repair needs are, we can repair it. Customer tried to repair his carpet on his own but it didn’t turn out as good as he thought. Some things are better left to the professionals. 

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Yorba Linda Carpet Repair

We received a call about a paint stain on the carpet.  We scheduled an appointment and when our specialist arrived this is what he found. You can tell that they had tried cleaning it out but had no luck. Our specialist had to do a carpet patch to repair the damaged area.

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Corona del Mar Carpet Repair

Customer decided to move the wall, which meant that now a piece of carpet would be missing leaving exposed subfloor. Our carpet specialist had to do a 10′ x 3′ patch. The results are amazing! Give us a call for all your carpet repair and cleaning needs.

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Mission Viejo Carpet Repair

Customer in Mission Viejo called OCCR complaining about a smell from a flood damage. When tech arrived the smell was not a flood odor but a cat urine smell. Our tech ended up doing a 9’x4′ repair of carpet and pad. This is once again an odor free home.

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Orange County Carpet Repair

Some spots won’t come out even after cleaning them. There is still a solution for them, doing a patch. We cut out the spot where the damage is and replace it with a remnant piece. Use our carpet expertise and viola carpet is good as new.

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Carpet Repair Orange County

Call the experts at Orange County Carpet Repair and Cleaning if you have a bleach stain and need it repaired to perfection.

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