Fullerton Carpet Repair

This client in Fullerton added a closet and needed it to be carpeted. Our carpet specialist had to install tack-strip, padding and do a patch using a remnant. The repair is seamless, can’t even tell it was a carpet patch.

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Lake Forest Carpet Repair

Our carpet specialist went to do some work in a commercial building.  Customer has glue down carpet and needed a carpet patch done. The repair should match the rest if the carpet within a few months.

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Huntington Beach Carpet Repair

Employees do the craziest things. This damage on the carpet was actually made by forklift tires. Our specialist had to do a patch to repair the damaged carpet. Take a look at the results, looks like new again!

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Garden Grove Carpet Repair

It is not a good idea to drag furniture across the carpet. This damage was done by a couch. Our carpet specialist had to do a patch to repair this damage.

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Westminster Carpet Repair

Customer gave OCCR a call about some spilled paint in her carpet. Our carpet specialist was able to repair the painted carpet by cutting around it and replacing it with extra carpet our customer had. Carpet looks great once again!

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Ladera Ranch Carpet Repair

Don’t practice golf in the house! This is very difficult carpet to work with, only a specialist can make this repair look beautiful again.

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Mission Viejo Carpet Repair

We went to a Mission Viejo home to do some repairs on a heavy soiled carpet. The results speak for themselves. Give us a call at 949-478-2801, for a free phone estimate.

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Santa Ana Carpet Repair

Customer in Santa Ana installed new tile hence there was a gap between the tile and the carpet. We added some tack strip and carpet and now the transition looks great.

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Yorba Linda Carpet Repair

Orange County Carpet Repair and Cleaning got a call about needing some carpet repair after a surge protector caught on fire. Our carpet specialist went out and repaired it that same day.

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Aliso Viejo Carpet Repair

Sometimes carpet stains cannot be cleaned they need to be patched, like we did for this Aliso Viejo customer. Check out our reviews on Customer Lobby and YELP.

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