Frequently Asked Questions

Some of what we do is a mystery to customers and because of that we have pulled out a few of the most commonly befuddling questions we get asked. If you don’t see your question answered on the site or below, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask!

I have to have a section of damaged carpet replaced–can I go to Home Depot or Lowe’s and just buy a closely matching piece of carpet to use as a replacement?

Carpets are woven on looms from yarns of various fiber types and in manufacturing plants all over the world. All dyes are slightly different, which means it’s nearly impossible to match a piece of different carpet to the carpet you have even if it seems to be the same color. Because we deal with this situation all the time, we have a few options up our sleeves that deliver much better results:

  • We can source a piece of “donor” carpet from a remnant you may have stashed in a garage or closet. Many builders and remodelers give homeowners pieces of remnant to keep on hand for just such needs.
  • You also likely have a closet or crawlspace that is dim, dark and certainly inconspicuous from which we could also cut a donor piece then repair that with a less than ideal semi-matching repair. This still gives you a near match.

Do I really need to move all my furniture before you come to re-stretch my carpet?

We understand it’s a headache to move your furniture, but, yes—it’s critical that your furniture be moved. To re-stretch your carpet, we need to be able to literally remove it from the tack strips, possibly replace carpet padding if we find it’s old and deteriorating, and then stretch it back onto the tack strips using a power stretcher. We can’t provide a proper carpet stretching if your furniture is on the carpet. And don’t trust any service provider who tells you they can stretch your carpet with furniture in the room!

If you need help moving your furniture, you can call a moving company, a handyman service, or even call us and we can recommend a professional to help you. Learn more about our carpet re-stretching service.

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